Tank Battalion hoodie w/ sleeve print


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Commercially embroidered iron on patch. Each patch has thousands of high-quality threads and multiple colors. Hot cut edging for a smooth border and prevent fraying. There are tons of hours put into each patch.

You may purchase only the patch or a hoodie with a patch adhered on it. 
If you purchase only a Patch we will not replace the patch due to user error

The patch reads: (see photo)

1st Tank Battalion


If you only purchase a patch each patch includes:

  • High-quality iron-on adhesive on the back.
  • Parchment paper included. This will be used to protect the thread from heat when ironing on the patch

Carhartt hoodies are available in sizes up to 3XL and a few colors are available in TALL. 

If it doesn't apply to you please select NOT APPLICABLE

Heat press instructions:

  • 300 Fahrenheit
  • Preheat the garment to remove any moisture and wrinkles
  • Place patch on garment
  • Cover with parchment paper on top of the patch to protect the thread from the high heat
  • 15 seconds
  • Heavy pressure
  • Allow the patch to cool before checking for any lifting or peeling
  • Repeat the steps if you notice any peeling or lifting

Iron on instructions:

  • High heat setting
  • No steam
  • Pre-Iron the garment to remove any moisture and wrinkles
  • Place the patch on the item
  • Cover with parchment paper
  • Heavy pressure 15-20 seconds for each area within the iron space
  • Allow cooling before checking for any lifting or peeling

Patches will not be replaced due to user error